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Bridge gaps, build strengths, & empower growth with 360 Feedback

Take the reins of organizational development

Make the 360 Feedback platform an integral part of your organizational culture. Gather feedback from peers, managers, subordinates, and even self-evaluation, fostering a culture of transparency and continuous learning.

Customization at its best

Tailor your feedback approach to match your organization's unique needs. Customize your surveys to match your brand and let every touchpoint resonate with your company's ethos.

Competency matrix

Drive growth through an all-around understanding of skills and strengths. Capture competency-based results from each rater group, providing you with a 360° perspective of individual and team performance.

Spotlight on strengths and gaps

Ensure growth is personal, relevant, and impactful. Shine light on strengths & identify areas of growth in alignment with both individual and rater group feedback. Unearth hidden strengths & blind spots while diving deep into detailed feedback.

Actionable development plans

Use the insights from the 360 feedback to formulate personal development plans and identify specific training needs for your workforce.

Cross-functional opportunities

Explore untapped potential. Uncover opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and skill sharing, strengthening inter-team relationships and encouraging a versatile workforce.

Dedicated employee portal

Simplify your employee management process with a single-point portal. Monitor assessment progress in real-time, automate reminders, and conveniently access past and present evaluation results.

Manager dashboard

Optimize team productivity at your fingertips. Track key metrics, identify top performers, and gauge training needs, creating a thriving workforce built on a 360° view of your team's capabilities.

Admin dashboard

Ensure your leadership is always in the know. Share performance reports at team and department levels to gain an org-wide view of competency. Develop plans and discover cross-functional opportunities for all-around progress.

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