How Eros Group boosted customer experience and enhanced operational efficiency using SurveySparrow’s NPS


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About Eros Group

Eros Group is the largest electronics distributor and retailer in the UAE. They have a prestigious portfolio of globally recognized brands in the UAE. Eros Group has a clientele that spans diverse trade channels, including power retailers, independent retailers, Souq markets, system integrators, architects, and consultants. A few of the renowned names are Samsung, Hitachi, TCL, Midea, Ariston, Lennox, Daikin, Thermobreak, Linksys, and Huawei Ideahub. Eros Group has established as a key player in consumer electronics, telecom, and related multi-products.

How we hit the mark

Effortless survey creation

Easy-to-use platform

Multi-channel share options

In-depth and extensive data analytics

Timely support to resolve any queries

“SurveySparrow's user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop features have revolutionized our approach to survey creation and collect data. This platform has become invaluable in streamlining our customer-related processes and driving better results.”

Leilani Sumague

Business Excellence & Customer Care Manager at Eros Group


Eros Group’s main objective was to measure their NPS score to understand the customer experience across their retail and e-commerce segments. They also wanted to measure their dealership experiences, recognizing the need for a holistic customer-centric approach.

In their quest for operational efficiency, Eros Group envisioned a centralized system capable of automating their data collection process, unifying data sources for a more streamlined and insightful analysis.


Eros Group was collecting customer and dealer feedback via telephonic conversations and in-person interviews. While this approach did yield insights, it came at a significant cost in terms of time and manpower, requiring extensive manual efforts.

The challenges extended beyond data collection; the subsequent task of sorting and analyzing this information was a laborious and resource-intensive endeavor. Faced with these obstacles, Eros Group recognized the imperative to systemize and automate their feedback collection process by centralizing it within a dedicated platform.


Eros Group researched platforms that can help them efficiently collect the NPS score, analyze the data, and act on it. In this process, they evaluated SurveySparrow’s proficiency and their clientele. Eros Group believed SurveySparrow’s platform was valuable as it met their needs and offered flexibility, promoting efficiency and innovation.

SurveySparrow was able to automate the process with easy-to-create surveys. The surveys offer customers of Eros Group the convenience to easily share their feedback, resulting in higher response rates. Furthermore, it reduces the manual effort previously required to collect and store the data. The platform is mainly being used by the retail team in Eros Group, with the e-commerce and dealership teams rapidly following suit, embracing its capabilities to enhance their respective operations.


Smooth survey creation

Streamlining the data collection with multi-channel sharing

Real-time data analysis and a bird’s eye view of pivotal data

Eros Group has seen marked improvement in their response rates after shifting to SurveySparrow. The easy survey creation and the versatile multi-channel sharing options, including QR codes, emails, and SMS, have played a pivotal role in this success, enabling Eros Group to gather customer feedback and gain deeper insights into their NPS score.

SurveySparrow’s robust analytics capabilities have proven to be a game-changer for Eros Group. The platform facilitates easy tracking of NPS data with a detailed analysis and reporting section and offers a wealth of widgets that provide a comprehensive breakdown for enhanced data understanding. With all this valuable information readily accessible on a single page, Eros Group’s top management can quickly grasp the key insights. Furthermore, they benefit from SurveySparrow’s responsive support, ensuring prompt resolution of any queries that may arise.

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