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SellThru is an innovative digital marketing agency rooted in Dubai, with a robust regional presence across the GCC since 2021. SellThru operates on a unique model with experienced professionals offering comprehensive marketing consultations and services, including automation, performance strategies, MarTech, SEO, and web & app development, tailored to client-specific goals.


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Customized NPS surveys

Multilingual Surveys

Google Sheet Integration

Robust executive dashboard

"The valuable feedback received through the surveys has enabled the brand to implement strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the customer experience from an omnichannel perspective. The collaboration with SurveySparrow has helped our clients understand the modern retail customer while simultaneously creating an efficient environment in order to cater to these customers, which helped move the needle from detractors to promoters."

Nouran Khamis

Account Strategist


SellThru’s primary objective was to enhance their clients’ insights of their customers’ experiences, concerns, and overall satisfaction scores. They aimed to achieve this by implementing an NPS feedback system that could provide comprehensive data from both online and offline interactions in real-time.


The initial challenge was the anticipated reluctance of customers to participate in surveys, compounded by the difficulty in tracking real-time customer feedback across multiple platforms. Moreover, SellThru had complexities in analyzing complex feedback data, sharing insights with clients, and promptly addressing customer concerns.


SellThru, after diligent research, identified that SurveySparrow encompasses the features needed to surmount their challenges. Beginning with offline stores, they installed an offline NPS kiosk, resulting in an astounding 100% completion rate.

And the cherry on top? The executive dashboard, equipped with customizable widgets, simplified the process of obtaining an at-a-glance view of extensive data in a well-structured interface, enabling swift decision-making.

From manual entry to integrated proficiency! SellThru waved goodbye to manual data entry and endless imports and exports. The integration of their surveys with Google Sheets proved invaluable, enabling them to capture feedback in real-time. With over 200+ integrations available, SurveySparrow made it easy for SellThru to manage and share data across platforms in a jiffy.

They have now expanded the use of SurveySparrow’s NPS surveys to their online stores as well. By leveraging its customizable templates, multi-channel distribution capabilities, and robust analytics tools, they are able to gain a comprehensive view of customer sentiments.


Survey completion rate

Real-time data monitoring

Enhanced customer engagement

SellThru observed a significant spike in survey completion rates. SurveySparrow’s ability to instantly address negative feedback by triggering automatic emails to dissatisfied customers greatly improved customer relations and brand perception. This direct line of communication significantly enhanced SellThru’s ability to improve their clients’ customer relations and brand image.

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