Skip the fluff. Stay focused & pertinent. Tailor questions to each respondent, bypassing the irrelevant

Conditional display

Present questions based on specific criteria. For example, only show credit card fields if 'Online Payment' is selected by the respondent.

Dynamic skip logic

Tailor your survey's flow based on responses. Redirect participants to relevant sections, end points, or external links, ensuring every question counts and resonates.

Custom params

One survey, diverse applications. Embed custom parameters to sort and tailor responses by specific tags, enhancing personalization, user experience, and insightful analysis.

Personalized surveys with piping & variables

Create a unique experience by integrating past answers into current questions. Mimic real-life conversations for enhanced engagement and increased response rates.

Dynamic calculations with expressions

Incorporate mathematical formulas directly into your survey. Share computed results with respondents on the Thank You page for added insight.

Adaptive thank-you screens

Offer varied thank-you pages tailored to respondents' input. Customize screens based on scores, expressions, or specific answers for a more personalized touch.

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