Gain Rich

Bring your data collection to a fruitful finish with comprehensive reports, robust filters, and live data capture.

Real-time reporting

Enjoy real-time, secure data capture that stores responses the moment your respondent clicks 'Submit.' Monitor performance across devices and analyze responses down to the question level.

Uncover insights with cross-tabulation

Effortlessly compare and contrast responses. Identify patterns, spot trends, and gain a deeper understanding of your audience. Connect the dots to decode customer expectations and make informed decisions.

Advanced reports filters

Sort responses by question, answer, respondent details, completion status, and more. Unlock advanced insights, save customized views, and revisit them at your convenience.

Seamless report scheduling

Have survey reports delivered to your inbox on your preferred day, time, and frequency. Set it up once and let the insights seamlessly accompany you.

Stay informed with email alerts

Forget frequent dashboard check-ins. Get notified instantly via Email Notification every time a respondent finishes your survey. Ensure that you are always in the loop.

Get to keep offline copies

Maintain an offline, shareable version of your survey reports in PDF format. Access SPSS reports for deeper number-crunching and statistical analysis.

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