NPS Survey Software

Transforming Feedback into Brand Fidelity

Personalization at its best

Make the NPS platform truly yours. Brand your surveys with your logo, personalize the email body and subject, and let the world see a reflection of your brand in every interaction.

Dynamic lists & segmentation

Break free from one-size-fits-all. Tailor your approach with dynamic lists and segmentation for a deeper understanding of your customers and effective follow-ups.

Workflows & Alerts

Go beyond scores and understand the 'why' with follow-up questions and personalized emails based on customer scores.


Let automation take the reins of your survey schedules and customer engagement, leaving you free to focus on strategy and analysis. Monitor your NPS trends and measure your success against industry standards.

Effortless distribution

Meet your customers where they are. Embed surveys in your app, distribute via emails or send as SMS. Make it easy for them - and you.

Sentiment analysis & word clouds

Unravel customer sentiments. Simplify complex emotions into a clear word cloud to gain quick, meaningful insights.

Dynamic dashboard

Monitor NPS over time, view responses, filter results, and gather key insights in real time.

360° Customer journey

Gain a holistic view of your customer's experience. Map their journey, identify pain points, and enhance their overall experience.

Efficient response management

Keep responses organized. Assign tickets and track progress from assignment to resolution, ensuring a closed and efficient feedback loop.

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