Reputation Management

Transform perceptions & inspire customer advocacy

Shine a spotlight on your reviews

Boost your brand reputation by automatically prompting satisfied customers to leave reviews, ensuring your praise-worthy feedback is always in the limelight.

Control center for reviews

Command your global reputation right from a single, intuitive dashboard. Manage interactions, respond, and keep the feedback positive.

Ticket out negative feedback

Leverage our ticketing system to turn around negative reviews. Eliminate communication gaps and introduce effective workflows.

Workflows & Alerts

Create a personalized workflow for all gathered reviews. Based on the reactions, designate and automate real-time actions using Ticket Management.

Sentiment analysis

Categorize the reviews according to reviewer sentiments. In the event of negative reviews, implement remedial actions before it escalates.

Review requester

Reach out to your customers wherever they may be and encourage them to leave a review. Send out emails, SMS campaigns, integrated pop-ups, and QR code requests.

Analyze trends

Keep a constant check on your brand reputation by studying sentiments & patterns. Obtain deep insights that fuel better growth.

Panoramic reporting

Oversee reviews from multiple businesses across multiple locations, all in one place. Comprehensive insights, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Showcase top reviews

Win trust, build a fan base, and convert new visitors by embedding customer reviews on your site. Let your success speak for itself!

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