Survey API & Integration

Connecting Insights, Empowering Decisions

Integrate surveys with your ecosystem

Take complete control of your surveying experience by seamlessly integrating surveys into your existing ecosystem. Connect with your favorite tools, applications, and workflows to unlock endless possibilities for data collection, analysis.

Effortlessly manage contacts and lists

With Audience API, create and view new contacts, as well as manage contact lists. With this capability, you can maintain a well-organized database of respondents, ensuring targeted and personalized surveys for better response rates.

Dive deep into survey insights

View surveys, submissions, questions, and webhooks of a survey with our Surveys API. Gain comprehensive insights into your survey performance and responses, empowering data-driven decisions and actionable outcomes.

Share surveys with ease

Creating a weblink, sharing surveys, and viewing shares is a breeze with our Shares API. Easily distribute surveys across various channels, reaching your audience wherever they are for maximum reach and participation.

Automate workflows

Set up and automate trigger-event workflows with any third-party apps using our Automation API. Streamline your survey management process, schedule reminders, and execute follow-up actions automatically, saving time and effort.

Seamlessly push data

Push survey data to any third-party applications with our Reports API for report creation and data visualization. Integrate survey data into your preferred analytics tools to derive actionable insights and monitor key metrics.

Real-time data transfer

Our API supports powerful webhooks that enable real-time data transfer from any survey to any configured URL. View, add, update, or delete webhooks with ease, allowing you to stay informed and trigger actions based on survey responses instantly.

Flexible data manipulation

With our API, you can perform various data manipulation tasks using GET, POST, PATCH, and PUT requests with webhooks. Effortlessly handle data transfer and ensure seamless communication between your survey platform and other applications.

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